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Introductory Price INR 1,00,000

Introducing ELEVATE

Elevate by D2C Insider is a learning platform to help young founders accelerate their D2C brand journey and improve their brand success rate by learning from the failures & successes of marquee founders and operators.

Program Features & How are we Different?

16 weeks of hands-on actionable learning along with a peer network of similar-stage fellow founders, a growth acceleration reward program, mentorship from experts and access to raising funding from investors.

  • Learning from failures/successes of marquee founders, helping you avoid similar mistakes & reinventing the playbook
  • Practical hands-on actionable learning from seasoned operators
  • Structured curriculum through pre-reads, live sessions & assignments
  • Curated cohort community, providing a platform to engage in discussions, ask questions & start threads on diverse topics
  • Peer learning with personalized 1-on-1 meetings with fellow founders, creating opportunities for shared insights and growth
  • Continued alumni network post-course completion
  • Experienced founders & CXO of leading D2C startups as cohort mentors
  • Single mentor assigned to startups for the course duration 
  • Smaller ‘Group Mentor sessions’ conducted for 1-on-1 Q&A and advisory.
  • Instant cost savings for your startup by providing complimentary credits from a curated selection of D2C service providers. This aids in making informed vendor choices and conserving substantial capital.
  • Gain rewards in key areas such as branding, marketing, advertising, marketplace management, warehousing, logistics, packaging, payments, customer support, and technology through this program.
  • Committed capital worth INR 25L to top 3 Demo Day winners
  • Access to 50+ investors & angels through Demo Day 
  • Priority evaluation by D2C Insider Super Angel fund for raising up to INR 1Cr. 
  • Introduction to Institutional Investors via expert sessions
  • Support to get connected to investors up to 12 months from enrollment
  • Visibility in D2C Insider Newsletter, subscribed by 15000+ Founders & Investors
  • Priority job listing in the D2C Insider Jobs portal.
  • Exclusive offer promotion by D2C Insider community 
  • Discounted access to D2C Insider events

Experts & Speakers for Cohort 1

Who is this course for?

D2C brand founders with Operational D2C Website

Early-stage brands with INR 5L & above avg monthly revenue

At least 1 top- tier marketplace presence

What to expect from the Program?

Immerse yourself in 16 weeks of hands-on learning guided by seasoned D2C experts.

Gain invaluable insights from both successes and setbacks of industry leaders for strategic decision-making.

Join a curated community of like-minded founders for engaging discussions, Q&A sessions and shared knowledge.

Access Rewards Program from partner network for D2C services and expert vendors.

Demo Day access to 50+ investors, and a chance to secure committed capital.

Personalized mentorship from experienced D2C leaders and CXOs, including 'Group Mentor sessions' for tailored guidance.

Enjoy exclusive D2C Insider community benefits

Course Curriculum

Key Focus Areas
Modules covered in the program
Weeks Duration
Live Sessions by Founders, Operators & Industry Experts
Hrs. of Learning
Week 1 D2C- Fundamentals & Industry Overview Introduction to D2C in Indian landscape
Week 1-2 Product Development and PMF Product Development Cycle
Product Market Fit
Week 3 Brand Building & Marketing What is Brand Building? Importance of Social Media & Influencer Marketing. 
Week 4- 9
Captive Growth
Acquisition - Organic & SEO Strategy
Acquisition - Scaling though Meta Ads
Acquisition - Scaling though Google Ads
Acquisition - Affiliate Marketing & Partnerships
Retention and CRM Strategy
Conversion Rate Optimisation & Analytics
Week 10- 11 Marketplace Growth Marketplace Hygiene & Organic Growth
Inorganic Growth Strategies
Week 12-14 Customer Experience Warehousing & Logistics
Inventory Planning & Forecasting
Customer Support
Week 15 Funding & Finance Unit Economics & Raising Capital 
Week 16 Culture & Hiring Culture, Hiring & Managing Team

Week in ELEVATE Program

Industry Expert Session Masterclass by Mentor Operating Session By Operator
1.5 hrs 1.5 hrs 1.5 hrs

Application Process & Program Fee


Online application & complete program registration.




Conversation with shorlisted candidates


Candidature confirmation


Payment & Onboarding

Submit your application online. The curation team will then review the applications and share a shortlist.

Selected candidates will be invited for an interview, and those who successfully pass the interview will receive an invitation to join the cohort.

Get 40x ROI from ELEVATE

Benefit of being part of ELEVATE learning cohort, provides 40x ROI along with learning, mentorship, access to capital and community!

Benefit Market Value Course Value
Expert Learning Session INR 15L (20000* 75 hrs.)

INR 1.2L

Rewards Program INR 15L
Mentorship INR 4L
Demo Day Funding* INR 25L
Exclusive Community Benefits INR 1L
Total INR 60L

*Valid only for Top 3 winners*

Course Pre- Requisites

ELEVATE by D2C Insider welcomes applications from all D2C brand founders, meeting the following criteria

Operational D2C Website

INR 5L to INR 20L Monthly Revenue Run Rate

Familiarity with Concepts of D2C

At least 1 top- tier marketplace presence

(Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc)

Frequently Asked Questions

ELEVATE by D2C Insider is a dynamic learning platform designed to accelerate the growth of early D2C brand founders. We provide a structured program with actionable learning, mentorship and access to potential investors to help you take your D2C brand to the next level.

ELEVATE is tailored for operational D2C websites with a monthly revenue run rate above INR 5L. It’s ideal for founders who already have a foundational understanding of D2C concepts and have a presence on at least one top-tier marketplace and looking to breakout to next growth stage.

You’ll gain insights from both the successes and failures of industry-leading founders, helping you avoid common pitfalls. You’ll receive hands-on, practical knowledge from experienced operators and industry experts, all delivered through a structured curriculum.

The program is designed to run for 16 weeks. Specific start dates will be communicated to selected participants upon enrollment.

The cohort is curated based on a thorough review of applications by our expert team. We consider factors like business model, revenue trajectory, and market presence to ensure a diverse and dynamic group of participants.

We evaluate factors such as the uniqueness of your D2C offering, revenue growth potential, and alignment with the program’s learning objectives. This helps us create a cohort with a mix of promising D2C startups.

Demo Day is an opportunity for participants to showcase their startups to a curated audience of investors and angels. It’s a chance to secure potential funding and make valuable connections in the industry.

Our network includes a diverse group of investors and angels with a keen interest in D2C startups. They’ll be available for interactions and potential investment opportunities during Demo Day.

The program is designed to be immersive. Expect to dedicate approximately X hours per week to fully engage with the content, assignments, and mentorship opportunities.

All sessions will be live interactions, this allows for real-time engagement with mentors and fellow founders, as well as flexibility for self-paced learning.

Participants will have access to a range of resources including pre-reads, live sessions, assignments, and curated service providers. You’ll also receive ongoing support from mentors and the D2C Insider community.

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